SuperPika (usually known as SuperNoob or SuperPrick) is Roxy's favourite person to grope, shag and snog with. It is the most annoying, bitchy and all-round stupidest noobatron to ever exist in the Moshi Forums.

SuperNoob usually enjoys virtually destroying pixels and acting like a 3 year-old on drugs and alcohol. It never shuts up or stops being an idiot because it is programmed to act like that.

Pika is hated by everyone (including its poor family) and needs to grow the hell up and get a grip of itself.


Moshivenom11, also known as Moshinoobling11 or Moshimoron11 was proved to be this bastard after they were found to have the same IP address.

More evidence backs up that Venom is the same noob as Pika as they always come on at the same time, act the same way, never use capital letters in lowercase sentences and that SuperNoob always seems to defeat MoshiNoobling.