Roxy is a paedophile and prostitute who came on Moshi Monsters to grope children. She came to MCSM to civilise people in her ways so it would make it easier to have sex with them since they'd like her (which is never going to happen).

Roxy-Black (also known as Roxy-Bitch) once exiled Benjaminto because he never wanted to have a shag with her. He didn't really mind because the people of RES were obsessed with a little 5 year-old girls' show and random needs to swear.

She also pretended that she was a vampire so that people would think she's sexy when in reality she's the complete opposite. Roxy is so stupid she couldn't spell 'a' if it were right in front of her ugly face. She would easily get thrown out of an M&M factory as she'd throw out all the 'm's. Roxy, in reality, is a leg end and we all know it.

Roxy also caused chaos and utter destruction in Mission Control in her time as president. She tended to piss people off by raping them and also by simply just breathing.