Q1: A mad girl/boy walks up to you near the river and kisses you. How would you react?

A: Push her/him into the river

B: Punch her/him in the stomach/face

C: Start doing random karate/judo/kung fu moves on her/him

D: Arrange a meeting for tomorrow with this person (you'll batter her/him with the help of your friends). The stranger girl/boy gets battered and bruised by the time of the 'meeting'.

E: Ignore her/him

F: Shout random swearwords at her/him

Q2: You win the lottery and receive £1bn. What would you do?

A: Scream yourself out of the room/building

B: Remain silent

C: Black out (faint)

D: Gasp in astonishment

E: You're not bothered about that amount of money

Q3: A fatty walks into your house and eats ALL of the food from your refrigerator, shelves, cupboards etc. Which of the following actions would you do once you got home?

A: Cry your eyes out

B: Scream the loudest scream

C: Buy new food, "Seriously? I have enough money to buy food."

Q4: You hear the crazy frog on your favourite radio. What would be your reaction?

A: "I hate the crazy frog!"

B: Turn the radio over

C: Break the radio

D: Dance along to the crazy frog

E: Keep it on your favourite radio

F: Hum along to the crazy frog

Q5: A robbery happened in the house next door to you. The police are investigating the theft of underpants and trousers. What action would you take?

A: Walk into the crime scene

B: Pull the policeman's trousers and undies down

C: You're not in the mood, you ignore it

D: Throw stones at the police