Looks and Personality Edit

Piper has long, dark brown hair that is either tied up in a pony tail or bun, left down, or put in a braid. In the sun, Piper's hair turns a lighter shade of brown and it makes her feel more 'Summer-y'. She likes wearing a flower in her hai too.

Piper has green eyes with golden specks through them. They shine like emeralds in the sun and always make her look cheerful.

She's average height for her age (16) and average weight too. She has freckles on her nose and cheeks and has a birth mark on her back.

Piper carries around a happy vibe where ever she goes and is generally a very nice person to be around. Though, if anyone were to hurt someone she loved, she'd start raging. Piper is always very protective of her friends and would never let anything happen to them.

History Edit

Piper grew up in a children's home in the middle of the country side. She found out she was a sorceress when she was 8 when she sent someone to hospital after choking them with her mind. Most people stayed away from her after that.

A sorceress adopted her when she turned 9 and she showed her how to use upper powers properly. When she was 15, she left home and ended up wandering about. Going to different boarding schools and places.