The Dark AgeEdit

When the original originals argued and had different teams: Benjaminto's side, Roxy's side (the Blacks) and Jodie's side (the Whites). The elections kept on happening over and over again, eventually, Roxy took the power of MISSION Control.

The Newcomer AgeEdit

After The Dark Age, newbies came. This part of MCSM time lasted for quite a while and we had quite a few wars with a southern category named RES. Most of these newbies became MCSM legends, others just left and were never to be seen again. MCSM slowly developed and became independent. Presidents were no longer needed and we were free.

The Age of the LeavingEdit

This was when many MCSM usuals left to RES. We wanted them to come back, they refused and called MCSM "nooby", "stupid" or "immature". This age only lasted for a short period or time, but we didn't feel the same without those people. The people eventually came back and this age ended.

The Moderation AgeEdit

This age started mid-February 2012 and quarantined ALL of our messages. We couldn't post any messages by the instant until about the 3rd of April 2012. This unfortunately turned most of our usuals inactive.

The Noob AgeEdit

When noobs took most of the MCSM population and reduced usual activity. This resulted in: discussions about the Super Moshis, mini-modding, trying to move some of the MCSM population into a different category and online dating.

The Silent AgeEdit

The noobs have finally completely taken control of MCSM. Usual activity is almost nil, only Munge comes on and she doesn't make or join in roleplays. Soon, even Munge will leave if this is continuous. A group of what used to be usuals and usuals-in-training then betrayed us and took over MCSM.

MISSION Control ApocalypseEdit

After the Rebels fled MCSM, they left the noobs to feed off it.

MISSION Control Post-ApocalypseEdit

It is too difficult for a normal usual to set foot in MCSM because of the hostile mobs of noobs.