*Bursts out laughing* I'll tell you the truth alright!...Katie, Katie, Katie. Look at this photo......ugh, I'm threatening too much.
A picture of me in a few years time...A quick message to adminsAbout wars
All you new people at MCSM: Read this.An ideaAnother great idea
Anyone want to go on (the noob filled) MCSM one last time???As Slotheh said...BREAKING NEWS!
BREAKING NEWS 4 MCSM!Banana's CharriesBig Cock Club
BlazeBritish National AnthemsCan't believe it...
CarbonCharrie chatChat created by berzan02
Chicken NuggetsCleoConnie-Black
DID YOU UN-FAN ME ON WATTPAD?DeadpoolDelete those pages or own upn
Do you like waffles? ... Gah. It's stuck in my head.Does anyone even go on MCSM any more?Does anyone ever come on anymore? D:
Does anyone go on Roblox?Does no one write any stories on wattpad...?Don't expect to see Kitty on a another wiki again.
Eletrozap is EvilEllozy, MCSM. It's me.Emz
Emz! *Huggles*Emz's CharactersEpic RP'ers
Erm, why doesn't everybody have a page here? o.oEveryone, I think MCSM is Grand High Noob free...Everytime I go on here it hurts.
FINNICK'S BEEN CAST! *Screeches*Feck, I'm on mod... - -Fire
Flame's Charries :DFoot's epical page.For goodness sake...
For some reason, in videos, I sound quite American... o.OFor those who still go on here...GO ON CHAT!
GUYS! (Sorry, I know I haven't been here in a while)GUYS! OMG! YOYO AND SWIFT ARE FRIENDS AGAIN!Get lost, you RESident pervert.
Go away RES.Goodbye guys.Greatangelemily405
Grrrrrrrrrrrrr i cant post anything on fourmsGuess what?Guys, I'm making a free website for us...
Guys, I apologise for everything I have done to upset you allGuys, when was MCSM created?Guys.. I'm still seeing people dissing RES...
Happy Halloween, everyone! :3Happy aprils fools :)Haven't been on for ages . . Sorry
Hello! Anyone on?Hello? Does anyone on here go on any more?!Hey!
Hey! :3Hey, Yoyo, lets chat!Hey, guys...
Hey, just out of curiosity...Hey, uhh... I'm not sure if you remember me. It's scary.Hey Guys. Emz.
HiHi. It's.. have-no-idea-what-my-nickname-was.. Whatever my user was kitty564321 ANYWAY...Hi guys, is it alright if I make a website for us?
Hiya!How come....How do u delete
How well do you know Emz?I'm going to see Joseph Delaney! :DI'm gonna create a new MCSM wiki!
I've got some newsI've just made us a new wiki! YAY!I've made a new roleplaying wiki!
I've un-gelled my hair and washed away all the make-up...IT'S GONE GUYS. WE'RE FREEI LIKE CUPCAKES
I am suspicious about Irisdreams.I blame filter, if im honestI can fix everything, and now!
I found MMRU's wiki...I give upI have a new charrie!
I have two famous people following me on Twitter!I made a new website incase Le Mowah's gets invaded by noobs!I managed to get some pictures ^-^
I need to tell you guys the truth now...I should have posted this ages ago...I think we all know it's gone. It's been long gone for months. Years if we're dramatic.
I used the Official MCSM e-mail... boy, Blaze does know a lot!I won't be on that much for the next 4 weeks...I wondered if anyone would want to come on MCSM..
If anyone wants me to draw their charries...If anyone wants to join Team Spirit...If the hunger games were twilight...
If you're a RESident changing our wiki, come here.If you don't know that I've left for good, come here...Ignore RES.
Im looking at all the old forum posts.....Induction days start today! :DIngale
Invented some MCSM wordsIrisdreamsIs anybody on???
Is anyone on tumblr?It's getting closer to Halloween, so I decided to post this video...Its Emz
JohnnyJust been watching some random Mario boss battles on YoutubeJust to tell you, Moshi Monsters wasn't made 8 years ago.
Katy, it was ME who gave you admin rank!Kitty's Charries-Kitty, I've seen what you've done to RES wiki, just stop.
KotonLMAO, you have to watch this!!!! xDLOL, I've just found out that 'nappy' can get through the filter!
LOL, I just made a parody on Forums!LOL WATCH THIS VIDEOLambfan
Le Mowah's CharriesLe Mowah, Katy, Emz, Berz... WHEREFORE ART THOUZ!Le Mowah, Yoyo, we can still use that website!
Listen up, MCSM!Listen up, MCSM.MCSM!!!!!!!!!
MCSM CouncilMCSM HistoryMCSM News
MCSM WordsMCSM dictionaryMCSM dudes
MCSMian chatMEMISSION Control Revolution
MSCMMTVMade a place for you guys to chat on and stuff.
MahBlazeMahblaze doesnt deserve any of thisMahblaze is awsome
Mahblaze is epic :)Mahblaze is epic xPMahblaze is the best
Mahblaze is the best MCSM monster everMahblazes page to hammer mahblazes awesomeness into mcsm histroy by superpika8Maybe i should leave :(
Me YoshiMessage from the BerzMidnight
MinecraftMiss-SunshineMission Control
Morar, I did live in Scotland, but I just visit now.Moshi is dodgy just now...My (awkword) Conversation With (awkword) Cleverbot
Nice photo Katy! I'm trying to track down a picture of myself...Nickname for meh! :DNo, Josh Hutcherson got tattoos... D:
No one goes on mcsmOK, I'm going to Center Parcs today...OK, I'm starting to get sick of how nooby MCSM has became.
OK.. Foot here...OMG, I couldn't believe Kitty done that. :O Although it was part of our plan a I didn't get involved. xDOMG, the filter is too strict!
OMG I CAN GET ON MCSM!!!OMG My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic IS EPIC!!!!!!!!!!!!!Official MCSM Wiki
Officially the BEST DAY EVER! *fan girl moment*Oh, crapOk, Ive had it
Okay, MCSM has officially been overrun by NOOBSOmg. We need an RP.One of the last posts I’m making here. Just a simple question.
Our RPsPages from the good timesPathetic.You contradict yourselves.
Peace, Ma Shizzles!Peace for two very different worlds...People to add at MCSM
Peoples, Swift isn't a usual any more.PiperPlaces to Make New MCSM Websites
PlasmaPlease stop.. :,( what did he do to you?Proper Grammar
READRES' Peace MessageRES, pay attention!
ROFL, The water balloon just came out of nowhere! Katy if you think that's funny then watch this!Random Funny QuotesRandom Message
Random quiz for random peopleRes can we stop this terrible feud?Roseyapple29956
Roxy-BlackRule, Britannia!Rules
Season 3ShiroSign your name here!
So... Anyone read "The Mortal Instruments"?So the filter lets through Wookies...Sonic fan's Charries
Sorry.Sorry I haven't been on, I was camping!Stinker
SuperPika8 (Supernoob8)Superbitch8 (Superpika8)Swift's Characters
Swift has left? She's gone?THIS IS OUR PAGETape
The Llama SongThe Official MCSM Website is up and running!!!!!! ^-^The People Of MCSM
The Triwizard Tournament, Catching Fire Style ™The Word ListThe boring life of MCSM
The fiends of Mission ControlThe heroic five ( in my opion ) ( means the greatest heroes of mcsm )The reason why we ended up like this...
The rules of MCSMThe true legends of MCSMThere's a spider in my bathroom. Dx
They've renamed MCSM...This is the MCSM Chat page.To Usuals (Old and new)....
To all MISSION ControllersTo all new wiki accountsTo all those who ever return and believe MCSM can be restored . . .
To the noobsToday was the second day of secondary school.Todays Meh B-day!
Updated Picture of MeUrgh. Can these noobs get any WORSE?!Urgh. My cousins have been messing about with my account, AGAIN!
UsualsVirgin Galactic (To do with Space. Sorry, I'm obsessed with it)WARNING! THE GRAND HIGH NOOB HAS RETURNED!
W e l l . . .WaraWarning for all you guys: Evacuate MCSM!
We know it's dead! I want it back as much as you guys, but your all too stubborn to see!We should make an official MCSM acc on wattpad!Well, I made an account.
What's the point?What's up with Swift?What happened to the wiki?
What my new charrie, Yen looks likeWhat people are in Charge of:When people joined MCSM
Why are all of the traitors here but all of my proper friends gone? e.eWhy i've been awayWikis! ^.^
WookiesYAY! SATs is finally over! ^o^Yen
Yo, Yoyo, Mowah, wanna chat?Yo peepsYou IGNORED me on Wattpad?1
YoyoYoyo's CharriesYoyo, I won't be on today (apart from just now) so...
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